Lake Mapz (Lake Maps) Welcomes You

Lake Mapz provides a: free, accurate, full coloured printed version of a Lake Map based on:  local residents lake knowledge, topographical charts and internet information. Please feel free to click on any of the listed maps on this page for an expanded view.  Contact any of the advertisers seen on each map for a free 19” X 24” copy of the 

Lake Mapz of your choice!

Lake Mapz, has licensing agreements with Oceans and Fisheries Canada as well as the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).  Lake Mapz will design and create an attractive Lake Map for any municipality, town or city that has a lake as a center point of interest.  By using the local lake as a backdrop Lake Mapz creates a captivating and useful product creating and effective, affordable and captivating advertising medium for any businesses message. Besides official government issued charts Lake Mapz customizes each map according to the local residents lake knowledge, boat launches, beaches, boat routes, water hazards, depths, business locations, fish species, etc.  The businesses who advertise on Lake Mapz are seen over and over again.  Lake Mapz is the perfect advertising vehicle!

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